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“Never tiptoe through life, Luna. Let them hear every motherfucking step you take, Meu Tesouro.” That’s what my father once told me.


Featherstone thought they broke me in The Pyramid but it’ll take more than their half-assed attempts on my life to truly tear me down.


I'll learn who I can trust, as I uncover the secrets and lies that surround me.


So here I stand. With the loyalty and strength from the Aceholes, I’ll forge my own path. They’ll continue to claim me, crumbling my walls as they go, a clear fuck you to the consequences.


Remembering there are good people in this messed up world is easy when Red is around. There are innocent people worth fighting for.


I’ll let them think they’re winning as I play my role, always staying one step ahead at their own damn game.


I made a promise to my father, my footsteps won’t be loud...they’ll be deafening.

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