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Mrs. Luna ‘Moon’ Steele.


The thought alone gives me goosebumps, but there is still no happily ever after for us yet. Everything seems to stand in the way of my Aceholes and I, but we stand together. Through thick and thin, till death do us part.


My egg donor is dead, and The Games have finally arrived. Stepping into Beechwood Hall, the challenges surprise even me. Featherstone seems to want our blood, or is Totem behind even this? We must find our way, as we move into the darkness. 


Will we survive the carnage, or will we be consumed by the depths of hell they’re willing to put us through?


More secrets are unravelling before us. Will Totem’s heir be revealed? 


The new-found truths leave me gasping for breath. I’m done with everyone else’s rules, I’ve played along, but now it’s time to finish what I started.


I’ll tear down the walls of Featherstone Academy, and Totem along with it.

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