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I may have survived the battle, slipping from their grasp by cunning and sheer will, but the war still rages and the next wave of enemies is worse than I ever imagined. Tangles of lies unravel around us as the past and present collide, bringing secrets into the light and making the future harder to see.

With every turn down this winding path, it is clear pain is inevitable, but I’m not alone this time. Not anymore. I have a family, people I can’t live without, and a place to finally call home.

My hands are stained red and death is knocking at our door, but I welcome the riot. We stand together, until the very end, and we will fight until our last breath. They say love conquers all, and our love may just be the shield we need to survive.

What goes up, must come down. I only hope we’re all there to catch each other in the end because that’s a long way to fall.

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