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I thought I’d already seen the worst of Knight’s Creek, but I was wrong. This toxic town just became much more tainted.
There is nothing worse than having a joyous bombshell dropped in my lap with the goal of knocking me down. And I hate to admit the truth, but it might be working.
I can’t stand being here anymore, but any attempts to run are ruined as I’m forced further into the newly created mold that is Asheville High’s whore.
I’m right where they want me to be. The pain, the taunts, their failed attempts to break me don’t stop my irrational need for them. I guess I must be broken, just not in the way they want.
I’m ready for whatever this town and the Allstars have to throw at me. There is no room in my life for any more secrets or surprises, right?
My father taught me to be resilient, fierce. They haven’t seen anything yet.

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