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Knight’s Creek is a close-knit community on the surface, with fake smiles and friendly neighbors, but in the shadows lies the depths of hell that no one should bear witness to. 
It’s all Bethany Asheville has ever known. 
Lost to the darkness, deafened by the cries of pain, and beaten to breaking point at the hands of her father, there’s no escape for her. 
Her mother reveals her father’s plans for her, and the truth is out. She’s up for sale, virginity included, whether she likes it or not. Fighting back stopped working a long time ago, and she’ll do anything to protect her brother from the tight grasp of their father and his men. 
It’s set in stone, out of her hands… until he shows up. 
Ryan Carter.
New to town, and her new classmate, there’s far more depth to the mysterious new guy than what sits on the surface. He’s here for a job, a simple in and out plan of action… until he meets her. 
The fight for freedom is on, but even with his background, does Ryan have the power to free Bethany from the invisible chains that keep her rooted to this town? 
Or will he watch it all burn to ash?

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