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I am at home in the darkness, where brutality feeds on the weak and fuels the strong. Shadowmoor has forged me into who I am today and I have the mark and scars to prove it. I never thought I’d see the light again, but it seems destiny has other plans for me.

My father’s arrival means life as I know it is about to change. Silvercrest Academy trains and prepares the most gifted and privileged among us for their future contributions to the Monarchy. I may come from the right family, but I am a void.

No gifts. No magic. No abilities to be seen.

From the shadowy underworld to the highest peak in the land, I will need every ounce of my strength to survive this place. Guaranteed prosperity, that’s what they promise if you make it to graduation. Only time will tell if Silvercrest will be the beginning or the end of me.

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